As members of the CAHNR community, we all have the opportunity to serve as brand ambassadors for the College we love. Sharing approved, unified branding visually and in our messaging helps us do that.



Why start from scratch when the CAHNR Office of Communications did the hard work for you? Check out branded templates to help you amplify the CAHNR brand through presentations, posters, and other materials.

View our branded CAHNR templates.

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Departmental Social Media Accounts

Want to launch a social media account for your department, unit, program, or lab? Reach out to to discuss your goals and develop an action/maintenance plan. This ensures you're using your energy effectively to achieve your goals. Please note all new account owners must receive written approval from the CAHNR Director of Communications and should also submit a request form to University Communications before launching a social media handle.



Digest Guidelines

Relevant and timely news, events, and other announcements with the CAHNR community and university-wide can be shared through email digests that are released daily or weekly.

Learn more about University and College digests.

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Policies & Procedures

In order to have the most successful experience possible, it's important for CAHNR units requesting service through the Office of Communications to understand the processes and responsibilities of both parties. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say!

Learn more about CAHNR Communications policies and procedures.

University Branding Resources

UConn's Office of University Communications provides resources, information, and guidelines related to proper use of University of Connecticut branding.

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