Social Media Accounts SOP


To establish standards for the creation and maintenance of social media accounts for departments, units, offices, and programs affiliated with CAHNR; To share resources from the University and CAHNR’s Office of Communications for successful social media accounts that raise awareness of CAHNR success and strengths. Please note, per University Social Media Guidelines, you must seek written approval from CAHNR Director of Communications, Jessica McBride.


This SOP applies to all institutional accounts that represent departments, units, offices, and programs affiliated with CAHNR. This SOP does not apply to personal accounts. For guidance on personal accounts, refer to UConn’s Social Media Policy.


The Account Manager of the desired CAHNR-affiliated social media account should submit a request via the project submission form seeking approval for the desired account. The CAHNR Director of Communications will schedule a time to meet with the Account Manager to discuss the goals and maintenance plan for the account, including completing the Social Media Strategy & Tactical Plan Worksheet. Once the Account Manager has read and understands UConn’s Social Media Guidelines, and the Account Manager and CAHNR Director of Communications have developed an appropriate content creation and maintenance plan, the account may be launched and appropriate University offices may be notified. Please note, the CAHNR Director of Communications may suggest alternative promotions plans in instances where a social account will not achieve the desired goals.


The CAHNR Office of Communications will respond to a request for new social account review within five (5) business days upon receipt of the project submission form. The timeline for the development of content creation and maintenance plan and final approval will vary per request.

Social Media Account Checklist

  • Review the UConn’s Social Media Policy and Social Media Guidelines to determine if you are eligible to launch an account for your department, unit, office, or program.
  • Submit a project request form to CAHNR’s Office of Communications notifying the CAHNR Director of Communications that you are interested in launching an account
  • Complete CAHNR’s Office of Communications Social Media Strategy & Tactical Plan Worksheet
  • Meet with CAHNR’s Director of Communications to discuss desired accounts, which will either be approved or redirected to other awareness-building activities