CAHNR Brand Toolkit

CAHNR Brand & Identity Guide

Please download our Brand & Identity Guide. It goes over the College's logo usage, how to get pictures to use for your projects, and what are the best colors and fonts to use. Our goal is to maintain a consistent visual identity for the college.

College and Departmental Logos

Below are links to College and department logos. The University has strict standards for use of these logos. Information on policies and practices for use of University logos can be found at

Please note that all publications produced by, or in collaboration with, the Office of Communications, whether print or electronic and regardless of funding, are required to carry the appropriate College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources logo and the statement “An Equal Opportunity Employer and Program Provider."

Administrative units


Units and programs

You can request the College logo with the name of your unit or program by emailing Kevin Noonan.

If you are interested in a custom logo for your program, please read the University's guidelines for the creation of a new visual identifier. If your program meets the requirements, you may email Kevin Noonan about having a logo made for your program.

UConn Photo Database

One component of the UConn brand is photography that captures the essence of UConn pride. When selecting photography, consider utilizing high-definition shots that showcase our proud history and strength as a top public research university. University photographs can be downloaded from Media Share.